yamaha acoustic electric guitarJohn Lennon, and Paul Simon are just a couple of names of people would have appreciated the ability and quality of and have extensively used it to perform live on many different occasions.

Yamaha acoustic electric guitars are been in use for more than twenty years by various musicians all over the world. John Lennon had the best Yamaha guitar made the CJ5S. Yamaha has been well known for generations for their high quality sound instruments and also providing the music lovers a wide range of acoustic and acoustic electric guitars.

Some of the best Yamaha acoustic electric guitars:

  • A- Series: The A- Series guitars are designed by an American team of experts and are recognized as the first US designed acoustic electric guitar from Yamaha and hence the name A-Series. The A-Series of guitars features some exceptional pick-up system specifically designed and custom made for the American markets. It comes with some stunning aesthetics and a slick new neck profile. The A-Series is created to deliver high performance, with Yamaha excellence and value for money. Models under the A-series are the A3M, AC3M, A1M, A3R, AC3R, and AC1M to name a few.
  • FX Series: The FX series are designed for students who would love to play guitar as well as for any expert guitarist. The FX Series guitars are also very affordable.
  • FGX/FJX/FSX Series: These series of guitars are designed to deliver some stunning well defined sound quality, with range features which are very dynamic with very clear and quality response. The FJX series is the most recent series in the Yamaha range of electric guitars made from rosewood at the back and sides. The onboard electronic of this series include chromatic auto tuner and a three band equalizer. It also comes with different color options to choose from.
  • APX Series: These series of electric guitars stress more on excellent playability emphasizing on style and performance. It comes with a stylish thin line profile and also a slim neck. Some of the other features include A.R.T system which helps in achieving an optimum and dynamic balance. There are around eight models in the APX series to choose from.
  • CPX Series: The CPX series of guitars consists of a full range of guitars which are finely crafted with exceptional tonal woods with beautiful inlays and excellent finish. There are around seven models under the CPX series of guitars with various features to choose.
  • LLX/LJX/LSX Series: These are finely handcrafted from select quality materials by some of the best master craftsmen offering one with high quality sound features tone, feel, and experience.

Yamaha offers some of the best and aesthetically appealing acoustic electric guitars for students as well as for a professional guitarist. are well known for their quality, sounds and performance for generations.

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