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guitar stringsI play a Yamaha acoustic guitar and periodically I need to change strings as they tend to lose sound quality over time. I don’t mind this so much when I’m at home playing and practicing but when I go out to a guitar jam I like to have new strings on the ole guitar. You know, just in case the guitar police show up as they have in the past.

I can play my and have extensively used it to perform live on many different occasions.

Yamaha acoustic electric guitars are been in use for more than twenty years by various musicians all over the world. John Lennon had the best Yamaha guitar made the CJ5S. Yamaha has been well known for generations for their high quality sound instruments and also providing the music lovers a wide range of acoustic and acoustic electric guitars.

Some of the best Yamaha acoustic electric guitars:

  • A- Series: The A- Series guitars are designed by an American team of experts and are recognized as the first US designed acoustic electric guitar from Yamaha and hence the name A-Series. The A-Series of guitars features some exceptional pick-up system specifically designed and custom made for the American markets. It comes with some stunning aesthetics and a slick new neck profile. The A-Series is created to deliver high performance, with Yamaha excellence and value for money. Models under the A-series are the A3M, AC3M, A1M, A3R, AC3R, and AC1M to name a few.
  • FX Series: The FX series are designed for students who would love to play guitar as well as for any expert guitarist. The FX Series guitars are also very affordable.
  • FGX/FJX/FSX Series: These series of guitars are designed to deliver some stunning well defined sound quality, with range features which are very dynamic with very clear and quality response. The FJX series is the most recent series in the Yamaha range of electric guitars made from rosewood at the back and sides. The onboard electronic of this series include chromatic auto tuner and a three band equalizer. It also comes with different color options to choose from.
  • APX Series: These series of electric guitars stress more on excellent playability emphasizing on style and performance. It comes with a stylish thin line profile and also a slim neck. Some of the other features include A.R.T system which helps in achieving an optimum and dynamic balance. There are around eight models in the APX series to choose from.
  • CPX Series: The CPX series of guitars consists of a full range of guitars which are finely crafted with exceptional tonal woods with beautiful inlays and excellent finish. There are around seven models under the CPX series of guitars with various features to choose.
  • LLX/LJX/LSX Series: These are finely handcrafted from select quality materials by some of the best master craftsmen offering one with high quality sound features tone, feel, and experience.

Yamaha offers some of the best and aesthetically appealing acoustic electric guitars for students as well as for a professional guitarist. are well known for their quality, sounds and performance for generations.

This guest post was written by: swapnamanoj

I can’t help feeling a little bit of regret over the fact I never learned to play guitar when I first started. Wish I hadn’t been so shy and lacking confidence that I didn’t use my friends to help but I just couldn’t even try to play in front of anyone. I so wish the Internet had been around way back then.

Today, even if you don’t like playing or trying in front of others you can learned to play like a pro using the Internet. You should definitely take a look at and to see what they have to offer you. I love them both.

However, if money is huge issue as it is with many today, mostly due to the economic turmoil we have to deal with these days, then I would suggest you seek out the free training available. It will take more time learning but if time isn’t a factor you’ll do great.

Using YouTube To Learn To Play Guitar

I’ve probably said this a hundred times already but Youtube is my home away from home. I spend so much time on Youtube learning how to play guitar songs that would take me too long to figure out on my own.

But that’s not the only reason I frequent Youtube. I also love the fact I can find so many riffs, licks and scales to learn and practice that it can be hard to get back to my work from home online business. Well okay, part of my business is sharing articles, videos and how to play guitar tips but it’s only a fraction of my business. So I have to leave Youtube periodically to do other things.

Start With Basic Guitar Scales

I use guitar scales to help me improve my playing and to increase speed. Guitar scales also help me to use more of the fret board when playing, although I’m still pretty slow compared to a few of my guitar jam buddies.

Let’s start with a video by Peter Vogl. I like it when there is a link to a page that will give the tablature of what I’m learning so I can have it in front of me to keep my mind focused until I have the chart or tab memorized. Here is a beginner lesson from Peter. Oh and I better include the link to the Basic Scale tablature.

To get really good you will wan to learn to go forward and backward with the guitar scales you are learning and practice until you can do this without errors and you’ll get faster and faster as you continue practicing. Kinda like most things in life.

I doesn’t matter if you are using an acoustic guitar like my Yamaha or an acoustic electric like Peter is using or even an electric like my friend Peggy uses, it’s all about the practicing.

Helpful Tips For Beginners Learning Guitar Songs

playing yamaha acoustic guitar
I let my son cut my hair. Do I look like a rock star now??

If you’re human it’s likely you have to learn things from the basic level first. We aren’t born with all the knowledge and skills we will need through life and that comes to learning to play guitar. Yes, some seem to be born with specific talents and seem like they’ve known since birth, but that’s rare.

I am one who has to struggle and work hard to learn pretty anything in life. Nothing seems to come easy but I have interest and desire which helps me through the learning curve. Learning to play acoustic guitar didn’t come easy at all.

I tried to learn from others many years ago, before the Internet, but was too shy and soon gave up. Well I quit really and didn’t bother with it again for more than 20 years. That’s when the Internet became available to me.

Learned How To Play Guitar Online

In those years of NOT learning guitar I did learn about computers and became a computer instructor. Long story short I met two students who played guitar and my interest was active again. Another student traded a guitar for a computer scanner. So I got a Yamaha acoustic guitar for about $40.

Between my two new guitar playing friends, one country, the other rock, along with the Internet and I learned how to play guitar. I found tons of great beginner stuff online and learned many songs from my past as well as new songs. It was so exciting.

It didn’t take me long, with all the resources, to catch up to their level of playing but I didn’t want to stop there and found a couple of paid guitar learning sites which have helped me to move from beginner to intermediate. I hope to continue and move into the advanced levels.

It takes me a little longer than most as I’m 59 and only started learning when I was 47.

The places I would recommend for learning how to play guitar, acoustic or electric are or

But for the beginner, if money is an issue like it was for me when I started, don’t miss up the learning opportunities on Youtube. I use Youtube almost daily to learn new things like cool licks, riffs and songs.

Using Youtube To Learn To Play Guitar

Money has been an issue for me for many years as I’m not an educated man and for that reason have had a lot of jobs that didn’t pay too well and kept us on a tight budget. So I feel for those who live pay check to pay check. or would be my first choice for learning to play guitar today as I learned a lot of bad habits from friends and free lessons online, however I still learned a lot and eventually learned about and broke the bad habits.

For me it’s a daily thing to go to Youtube and look up a song I want to learn that’s on the radio right now. When I am looking I always add acoustic guitar to the search term plus the word cover. So a search on Youtube might look something like:

something bout a truck cover acoustic guitar

The song is ‘something bout a truck’ I want someone who is playing it as cover tune and I like to add ‘acoustic guitar’ because then I can see their finger action. Just that simple and usually I find what I’m looking for. Then it just a matter of finding the person that does it the best.

Incoming search terms:

Learn Guitar Free Lessons Courtesy Of The Internet

learn to play guitarIn the world we live in today it sometimes shocks us to find some things are still free and without a catch, but it’s true. On of those things is getting free guitar lessons or ecourses online and even songs with guitar chords for you to learn right at home.

I’m just about 60 and didn’t actually learn to play acoustic guitar until I was 47 years old. I tried learning how to play guitar back in the mid 70s and didn’t succeed. I ended up giving up and giving away my guitar and books. I even hired a guy to come to my house to teach me but he just wasn’t a people person and shouldn’t have been trying to teach. I kicked his sorry ass out the door after just three lessons.

It wasn’t until 20 years later when the Internet was available to me that I started finding more and more sites about learning to play guitar and a lot of free guitar related sites. Then along came Youtube and my interest in learning to play acoustic guitar returned like a tidal wave.

The Freedom of Free Guitar Lessons

jamorama-125x125I have a membership with so I can learn more and more but prior to that I learned most of what I know because of the free content, including videos, I found online. Youtube is by far my favourite site for both learning and sharing about how to play guitar as a beginner all the way to advanced.

The only downside to using the net for free content is that it’s scattered all over the place meaning you’ll need to go from site to site. But hey, I did it and learned a lot before joining Jamorama to learn more advanced lessons. Wish I had started with them as I spent a lot of time searching for the exact stuff I needed where Jamorama has it all in one place, just like does.

How To Find Free Guitar Lessons Online

If you don’t think there are a lot of people who want to “learn how to play guitar online” just do a search in Google for that phrase and you’ll find about 60 million pages. Fortunately you don’t have to search through all of those to find the best as Google does a great job of giving us the best content for our search phrase.

Check Out YouTube For Free Guitar Lessons

I go to for free guitar lessons almost every single day. Most of the time it’s to find songs I hear on the radio I like and want to learn. To do this I look for the song, the artist and the word ‘cover’ which usually gets me a list of those doing cover songs. I will also add the word guitar into the search to be sure I find those playing guitar.

I just did a search for “how to play guitar for beginners acoustic” I added the word acoustic because I don’t have an electric guitar and would rather learn things for my Yamaha Beginner Gardening Tips For The Home Gardener

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