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Jamorama - Learn GuitarHello, my name is James and I have been playing guitar for 10 years now. I was taught by a few friends so I learned a number of bad habits but I’m sure glad they took the time to help me learn how to play guitar.

I was glad when I could start using the Internet, specifically Youtube, to learn things my buddies didn’t know.  I have spend hundreds of hours on Youtube and sites where I could download lyrics and chords for songs I grew up with.

I made the decision to hire an instructor to take me to the next level. Well that didn’t last very long as the instructor was very intimidating and had no patience. A number of times I wanted to quit and eventually did as him not to bother returning.

The fact I can’t carry a tune didn’t help of course but a little tact goes a long way. Embarrassing your students isn’t good advertising and I would never recommend one on one training if all instructors are that arrogant.

Online Guitar Courses

I don’t ever want to be in a band or even to play in front of others. I just want to learn how to play guitar so I can sit back and play guitar, all by myself.

None of the people I know well enough can play much in the line of bar chords and that’s what I want to play and understand. I want to be able to play licks up and down the neck of my Yamaha acoustic. But my friends only know basic chords and not too many of those.

I always thought it would be nice to be able to teach my friends and now I do teach them thanks to Jamorama online guitar lesson.

It was so cool the first time I went to a guitar jam and actually showed them how to play a couple of new songs. Even taught them how to use a couple of bar chords, which has now increased the number of songs we jam to.

I’ve always done better at my own pace anyways and that’s one of the things I love about Jamorama. The lessons are explained and easy to follow for a beginner like I was.

Jamorama is so confident with their guitar instruction they have a free lesson section you can try out to see for yourself.

I found very quickly that I was on the right track I just needed to learn a few basics that had been missing to play the music I wanted, but Jamorama is more then just a guitar tutorial for beginners , you get jam tracks each week so you can jam along in private and have fun learning at the same time, no one telling you your not doing it the right way just, easy to understand step by step approach to playing guitar.

Jamorama has a great online community that you can ask questions in and not feel like an idiot and their online teachers are fantastic. With Jamorama you not only learn to play guitar you become part of an online family that have the same interest and goals.

I am now playing the stuff I had been struggling with and my friends all want to know how I have improved so quickly. (haven’t told them yet) Anyway whether you are just starting out or like me need more advanced lessons Jamorama guitar lessons online is the place to go, they even have free lessons to get you started so you have nothing to loose.

Jamorama - Learn Guitar

Learn How To Play The Blues

There are hundreds of methods of how to play blues guitar or beginner blues guitar, it’s one of the most traditional and well known forms of music in the world and has countless variations. Instead of trying to show you exactly how to play blues guitar, I have a few tips here that will hopefully encourage to experiment and use them as stepping stones to finding your own voice with the instrument.

How To Play Blues Guitar Tip 1 – Play with feeling. Blues isn’t about perfect technique or difficult chords. True, those things can be encompassed within the blues, but your music will be more authentic if you let it come from your heart. The blues is about feelings-it’s about situations and real life. If you can get some of that across in your playing you will be a lot more memorable than some guy with some flashy chords and fast licks.

How To Play Blues Guitar Tip 2 – Get comfortable with the rhythms of blues. Most regular music is in straight 4/4 timing, which is very easy to on the ear and also easy to get to grips with using an instrument. It’s pretty common within the blues though to have what’s known as a “swung” feel. Blues chords guitar, This can be hard to imagine and recognise at first, but just try and remember the sound of a heartbeat, and you will be pretty close.

How To Play Blues Guitar Tip 3 – Learn some licks. A scattering of cool blues licks here and there can sound great in any song, but they really find a home within a blues song. You can learn licks from all kinds of places, but when you find a couple you can play nicely and well, take the time to learn them in other positions on the neck and in other keys. This will really help unlock the fretboard for you.

How To Play Blues Guitar Tip 4 – Consider learning slide. Many guitarists don’t bother to learn slide guitar at all, as it can be difficult to play slide on a regular guitar. It’s something of a lost art among modern guitarists though, so if you really want to stand out, playing some high quality slide could be your best bet.

How To Play Blues Guitar Tip 5 – Learn the blues scale. It’s one of the easiest scales to learn, and the sooner you learn it the sooner your fingers will memorize it, which will really open things up for you if you want to try a solo or anything like that. The blues scale can also be found in other kinds of music, so learning it can help you outside the blues too.

As you’ve seen, there can be a lot to take in when learning such a wide ranging musical style. The tips I’ve given here should not only give you a heads up on how to play blues guitar, blues guitar, but also show you that there are still ways to be original when playing the blues.

Guitar Strings: An Easy Reference To The Top Five Guitar String Brands

As a guitarist, you need to keep your guitar strings changed to sound the best you can. But which strings should you buy, and how do you know the best string deal? The options are daunting, and making a wise decision is difficult. You need good information to make the correct choice for your style and instrument. But where do you get started with so many options?

There are several options that affect your choice, including what kind of guitar you play, what style of music you play, whether you use standard or alternate tunings, and many others.

Not only that, but guitarists often have to choose between tone quality and longevity in their strings. You might spend more money on strings that sound great out of the box, but lose their tone quickly. Old strings are harder to tune, easier to break, and just don’t sound as good. These qualities may differ from brand to brand. A working guitarist might need to choose between absolute tone quality and durability. These facts are especially important when it comes to acoustic guitar strings, since you can’t hide a bad tone with your amplifier.

The more knowledge you have about string brands and models, the better you’ll be able to make a good choice. I’ve reviewed a number of different varieties of string and come up with my personal top 5 best string brands. I consider tone and feel to be the key factors, but durability also counts. A string that lasts longer and sounds ok may get a higher rank than one that sounds great but is shot after the first gig. These comparisons will possibly not hold with particular string types. For example, the #4 brand might make better acoustic strings compared to #2 if I were only comparing acoustic string models.

5. D’addario

D’addarios are often considered a value string brand. They are usually well-priced and sound good new. They also had the shortest lifespan of all of our top 5 brands. A good time to buy D’addario strings for the majority of applications is when you’ve got a gig on the agenda tonight or tomorrow and realize either you need a spare set of strings (just in case) or are several bucks short until payday and need strings that sound decent in the short term, but could change them when next Friday rolls around.

4. GHS

GHS are notable for the Boomer strings. They are best because of their excellent durability, though they certainly sound quite good also. These may very well be strongest strings I’ve ever played – I had to try hard to break one! They maintain their good sound for a long time also, and they’re perfect for nonstandard tunings. In the event your budget or personality dictates rarely changing strings, GHS could possibly be it in your case.

3. Ernie Ball

Slinky strings, Ernie Ball’s most prominent series, generally sound fantastic right from the package. In addition , they feel great under your fingers. Ernie Ball brand made the best-feeling strings from the brands I tried. The tonal qualities of their electric and bass models blew away other brands for the majority of applications. I especially rate the Slinky 9-gauge electric guitar set top of the list for rock and metal lead guitar use. Their acoustic models lag behind my top 2 brands, however, additionally the string life is often short.

2. Dean Markley

Dean Markley is my old standby. I have been with them ever since when I first played a guitar when i was 10 years old. You will not make a mistake with either their Blue Steel or Vintage lines. They outlast any uncoated brand I’ve tested, and they are great workhorse strings. If I have a full slate of shows approaching on a long weekend, I’ll put Dean Markleys on there inside of a heartbeat and know I will be sounding great all weekend long.

1. Elixir

Elixirs absolutely are a prime demonstration of getting what you paid for. Yes, you’ll likely pay double the amount for a set of Elixirs than any other string brand, but they may very well last in excess of two times as long, yet still seem like the time you purchased them. In reality, sometimes my Elixir strings have improved with age – the opposite of many brand experiences.

Elixir does coat their strings, and a few feel coated strings sound flatter or duller than non-coated strings, but I cannot see it. I have personally used precisely the same set of Elixirs on my acoustic for six months, with public performances at the very least once a week, with hardly any drop in tone quality or feel. The coated string takes just a bit of time to get used to, but as soon as you do you may never buy another model of strings.


This brief review should present a nice presentation of the basic characteristics of string brands. The exact model you buy might vary according to your style needs or whether you play acoustic, electric, or bass, but hopefully now you have got a better thought of where to start looking.

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The Gibson Hummingbird – A True Favourite

The Gibson Hummingbird is one of the most loved guitars of all time. It has survived as a regular artist favourite since the 60’s which is really no surprise. It is timeless because its sound is.

The Gibson Hummingbird is an acoustic-electric guitar that has been loved by many musicians and artists over the years. This guitar has become the icon of the Gibson range since its release in 1960. It is not uncommon to see this guitar in the hands of legends like Gram Parsons and Keith Richards. It was Gibson’s first square-shoulder dreadnought.

This Gibson acoustic electric provides the musician with wonderful versatility. It is a guitar that can play almost any style. It sounds beautiful cranking out first-position chords and just as sweet flat-picking up the neck. No matter what you want this guitar for, whether it be blues, rock and roll or anything in between and all around, it will deliver sensational sound.

The body of the Gibson hummingbird is beautifully and intelligently crafted to sound incredible and be easy to use. It is bound with 6 ply on the top and 4 ply on the back. Selecting the right wood and how to dry it out are two of the most important processes for Gibson. The top of the guitar is made from Sitka spruce. The sides and back are made from mahogany. This is what gives this guitar its incredible sound. This build gives a well-balanced midrange, rich lows and a very clear treble range. The Gibson hummingbird is a square shoulder dreadnought and this allows easier access to the upper parts of the fingerboard.

One of the key features of the Gibson Hummingbird is the brace. It is incredibly well constructed to give incredible sound. It is so well constructed that it would usually only be found in limited runs. As in all Gibson guitars the bracing is hand scalloped. This focuses the sound of the instrument into its centre giving excellent sound projection. Each and every sound range is improved by this ‘X’ shaped brace.

The pickup system in the Hummingbird is a design that shows how considerately this guitar has been built. It is an L.R Baggs element ES. It’s very durable and fitted to the guitar very intelligently. It has a low profile under saddle element, which is more stable than standard ribbon pickups. To remain out of the way and unobtrusive, the volume control is mounted just inside of the sound hole. This intelligent pickup system gets rid of many internal components.

The fingerboard is sturdily constructed and gives quality sound. It has traditional binding over the fret ends, like many classic Gibson acoustics. The processes and materials used to construct it are second to none. Rosewood, a very resilient wood, makes up the fingerboard. This choice of wood allows the Hummingbird great stability and provides each chord with respective clarity and bite. Inserted in a way that needs no filler and ensures no gaps, the inlays are made from real mother of pearl.

Gibson is a company responsible for quite a few renowned guitars over the years. The Gibson Hummingbird is no exception. The classic sound and wonderful versatility allow it to survive through generations. The Gibson Hummingbird guitar is one of the most loved guitars of all time.

Getting Free or Paid Electric Guitar Lessons Online

electricguitarlessonsPeople eager to learn how to play electric guitar today are turning to the world wide web for lessons over hiring someone to come to their home.

I tried learning to play guitar before the Internet was available and it didn’t work out so well because I was just too shy or scared to look stupid in front of anyone. I was so happy when the time came I was able to learn how to play electric and acoustic guitar online.

You will find all kinds of lessons online, you will even find a variety of formats for learning. Also some guitar lessons are free while others are paid guitar lessons. My first piece of advice, if you’re paying is to find a place you can get a refund because not all guitar lesson sites are equal.

You may also find some sites are great and do a good job of teaching while you may also find that some just don’t have their facts straight or things are just too confusing for the beginner guitar player.

Free Guitar Lesson Sites

Most free sites aren’t structured well and usually hold info that will help you learn but the information isn’t in order and again can just make you frustrated, even though they are completely free.

These free sites may have some songs and show you how to play them, even some trips and tricks but the theory is sorely lacking and it’s the theory that helps you learn how to put things together to be able to play tunes on your own.

The thing with free sites is that the owners don’t have the incentive to create a good site for people like you and me to learn how to play electric guitar.

Paid Guitar Lesson Sites

Paid electric guitar lessons are usually more structured and even offer support which means if they want to keep their subscribers, paid clients, they need to keep them happy.

Like I said at the beginning, you need to be sure, if you’re going with a paid site, that you can get your money back if it doesn’t meet your expectations. I don’t just do this for learning how to play guitar. I actually do this for anything I want to learn online. If it sucks I want my money back.

Free Guitar Lessons Aren’t Always Free

I tried the free guitar lessons some years ago and they weren’t all that helpful. I nearly just gave up learning how to play electric guitar. Things weren’t explained and I found myself guessing at a lot of things.

I did learn some things using free sites but found I was more frustrated with my level of playing. I should have been a lot better and should have known more about what I was doing, that’s when I tried a few paid lessons and soon realize where I went wrong.

Well I didn’t really go wrong anywhere it was the site owners on the free guitar lesson sites who had things wrong and then I was learning mistakes. Heck I can make mistakes all by myself, I don’t need someone to be teaching me mistakes.

So in conclusion my suggestion is to go for paid acoustic or electric guitar lessons online and leave the free sites for maybe collecting songs in the future. I use a lot of free sites to get songs with chords on them but I learned how to play electric guitar first.

The site I am suggesting today, for learning to play electric guitar is Jamorama.

Use Jamorama To Learn How To Play Guitar, A Review

When I first started learning guitar there was no Internet  or Jamorama and I didn’t know anyone who played that could teach me so I didn’t learn until many years later.

Today if you take a minute to search Google or other search engines looking for information on how to play guitar you’ll find tons of learn guitar courses available, some free some paid. Of course some will do a much better job at helping you learn how to play guitar so it’s important to find people who have taken the course if you’re paying for it. It’s also good to find products to purchase that offer a refund.

Jamorama is a top notch guitar training course and likely the best but you will need to decide that. I will show you a few things here but you still need to check it out for yourself.

What Is Jamorama?

Jamorama is a guitar instructional course that is mostly focused on the beginner guitar playing. Jamorama uses audio, video as well as written lessons to teach new guitar players the fundamentals of guitar playing.

Guitar Chords – There is no shortage of lessons in the more than 250 pages in two ebooks. Part of what you’ll learn in the lessons are a variety of guitar chords and you can combine the various chords into great sounding sequences.

Strumming Your Guitar – You will not only learn how to form chords but also how to strum them so you have rhythm. This is the part of guitar playing that gave me the most difficutly and was so glad to finally be shown how to strum correctly. Now I can play a variety of styles and can even pick them up directly from songs now, as they play.

Video Demonstrations – I was able to get songs from the Internet, chords and all but was still having problems. So the fact that Jamorama has written lessons that include video demonstrations, well it just rocks. There are more than 140 that will show you how top play each song, exactly as it should be.

It gets even better. Along with all that you can see you will get there is more. You will also be getting about 26 audio tracks which you can jam along with. This will assist you with your practice and we all know practice makes perfect, as long as you’ve been shown properly of course.

I know how important practice is but I also know that when I am listening to music to follow, like being at a jam with friends, it’s much easier to learn techniques. Don’t skip the practice.

Hey maybe you’ll be able to start your own band someday.

Reading Music – This is where it gets interesting. Learning to read music isn’t really hard, it just looks that way. Jamorama includes some extra software that will do just that and it will help you learn to play by ear. I never thought I would be able to play by ear but I can. I can’t do it immediately, I’m not that fast yet but I am doing it and that has changed my life.

I can pick up new and old songs so much faster today. Well actually I couldn’t do it at all before I took the time to learn how. So doing it using Jamorama couldn’t get much easier.

I am moving into the advanced book now and playing guitar is getting even more exciting for me. I am even teaching my friends, who taught me at the beginning.

Jamorama is a great investment in your guitar playing future and is worth far more than what you’ll pay. It’s cheaper than taking guitar lessons with an instructor and your time is your time. You don’t have to wait a week between lessons either.

In conclusion and plain and simply put Jamorama is one of the best ways to learn how to play a guitar like a pro, and I highly recommend.

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