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acousticguitarmannLiving in a world where sounds abound, appreciation for music comes naturally for those of us who are still human.

This is reflected in the way different cultures keep their own interpretation through use of indigenous instruments. In this generation, one of the most popular acoustic instruments is the guitar.

Learning to play guitar can be done in many ways such as using many self-help tools like learn guitar DVD.

The best starting point in learning to play the instrument is to have the interest and motivation. Once the interest is there to learn, everything is easily regardless of the mode of learning. With the technology that is the most influential attribute of the present times, the Internet is the best source of information and self-learn materials. With the abundance of options, one may become confused with the spread of choices. Finding one too many free online and downloadable self-learning tools can make choosing hard. For those who have no access to the Internet, other methods are better preferred.

A good alternative is the use of learn guitar DVD that can be watched in homes with a DVD player. It is actually like watching a movie so that it comes without too much pressure. A DVD self-help instructional material can be likened to having a private tutor that can be used anytime and be replayed again and again especially the hard topics. As long as one wants to practice, it can be played repeatedly without tiring. Just how perfect is that?

To get the best possible DVD for learning the guitar, one can always refer to reviews to find the most cost-effective that gives a good value for money. for $19.99, Learn and Master Guitar for $149.00, Guitar Tricks with a 14-day free trial, Beginner Guitar System for $97.00, and for $49.95 are the top five DVDs in the Guitar Lesson Review for 2012. By a mere glance and reading the brief descriptions, one can easily form an opinion.

Why learn how to play guitar with lessons the are difficult and stressful when simple video instruction can make it so much easier. One can use the guidance provided by the reviews to cut corners, avoid mistakes  and smartly make the right picks for the learn guitar DVD.

jamorama-125x125If you are a beginner guitar player, time holds a special importance for you, like it has for me. Most novice guitarists can’t wait to play songs and I’m sure you’re busting to get started. It is common for many rookie guitarists to be impatient and want to learn guitar songs as soon as possible. Nothing compares to the feeling of achieving a goal, and in this case, playing the very first guitar song.

Learning a few basic chords is a pre-requisite to effectively learning to play that first song you want to learn. Once you have practiced your newly learned chords playing that song will be so much easier as well as fun.

Choosing the song for you to learn first is kind of an important step. If you pick a song that’s too tough may well cause some frustration which has caused a lot of those trying to learn how to play guitar to quit before ever really giving it a try.

You may love the song but trust me when I say some songs are not really intended for rookies and may have some very complicated chords and is what causes the frustration. Pick an easier song and one day you’ll play that more complicated one. Starting with an easier song will give you confidence and encourage you to learn those tougher chords.

Practice Makes Perfect

Jamming with friends is a great way to get there sooner. It certainly has made a huge difference in my level of playing, even though I was very shy at the start. The biggest thing I learned from my guitar playing buddies is timing as I really sucked in this department.

If you don’t have guitar playing friends, yet, you should spend time on Youtube looking for cover tunes on guitar. I have learned how to play so many great songs this as usually you can see exactly what the guitarist is doing with their hands making it easier to follow along. Plus you can practice the song over and over and over until you learn it.

I joined to learn faster and with less mistakes.

I was going to point out some songs that helped me learn guitar but they may not be for you and is why I mention as a good starting place. I also use to locate songs I like and the chords. Do a simples search for the song name followed by the word chords.

Being able to see the chords as you watch someone playing the song is great but you can’t always see what their fingers are doing in detail and is why it’s great to have a printout or using your monitor to view the song and chords. This will also show you if you are trying to do a song with chords you don’t know yet.

The combination of and Youtube videos can really help you learn faster and builds up your confidence level.

Locating The Guitar Instruction Book That’s Right For Your Favourite Genre

Headstock_30_Wish this had been true way back when I was wanting to learn how to play guitar for the first time. Today learning how to play your guitar isn’t a complicated process like it used to be as there are so many great guitar instruction books, in every genre you can think of, that are available in stores and especially online.

You’ll find the instructions in each genre slightly different but the actual music theory is pretty much the same. Today there are a sea of learning to play guitar instruction books to choose from.

Learning Classical Guitar

I have a friend that goes to our guitar jams periodically who was training in classic guitar music and he blows my mind.  His brother is a country bumpkin all the way and can’t stand the classic guitar playing his brother does.

When Jake plays classical guitar he hold his guitar differently than we do and he uses his fingers differently as well.

Learning Jazz Guitar

Then there’s Jazz guitar instruction which is different again from other genres and will use some unfamiliar chord structures and a lot of improvisation as one progresses through the instructions levels.

I would say that rock instruction books are the big seller as rock is the most common genre for acoustic guitar playing and is where I started learning, even though today I play more country than rock.

The thing is it really doesn’t matter where you start with guitar the basics are pretty much the same such as learning the strings and how to hold your guitar. Then it’s learning chord instructions and scales until you’re proficient.

There are a lot of guitar instructional guides or books available online and in stores, so much so that it can be tough to make up your mind where to start. There are basic introduction to guitar books and then many levels of guitar instructions books that will take you to every next level there is.

Most guitar instructional books today come with a DVD or CD that will help you to hear what the instructions are telling you which for me made a world of difference in my ability to learn how to play my guitar.

I love the idea of being able to take my guitar instructions books with me I do have a laptop now and really enjoy all the free guitar lessons I can get online. Actually that’s where I learned about the Jamorama guitar course and moved to the next level of guitar playing.

I also live on Youtube now where I not only find some great how to play guitar instruction to learn more but also to find just about any song I know where I can learn how to play it faster or sooner than later. There are so many choices when it comes to learning how to play guitar today.

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When Learning How To Play Guitar Should You Use A Pick?

playguitarIn all the years I have been around other who love music I would have to say that the acoustic guitar is among the preferred musical instruments, maybe even world-wide. It really doesn’t matter your age, heck I didn’t learn to play acoustic guitar until I was 47 and I’m now 59 and still love playing every single day.

My advice, if you’re a newbie to learning guitar is to get lessons. The fact most of us today have Internet access I would suggest you look at when learning to play guitar.

Should You Use A Guitar Pick?

When I started I chose not to use a guitar pick and I believe it actually held me back as my fingers would get sore when I was trying to strum. I was fine while learning to finger pick specific songs but not so much when hitting the strings with the back of my nails or using my finger nails to strum.

Once I started using a pick I was able to play much longer and get a better sound as well. The thing is there are times I want to play without a pick as I like the sound I can get but not all the time.

Flamenco guitarists for instance will rarely use picks because it doesn’t produce a sound OK for their kind of music.

Playing Fast Lead And Doing Scales

The times I have the hardest time playing without a pick is when I’m learning or playing faster lead or practicing scales in order to play faster. It starts out great but soon my finger tips and nails start to hurt and it’s time to switch to a pick again. I have bruised myself under my finger nails at times and it takes days before I can play with my fingers again. Using a pick more often helps avoid this.

When you are just strumming slow acoustic songs it doesn’t hurt to make use of your fingertips but for faster songs it might basically make your fingers bleed or feel like they are going to.

I have learned which songs I can use my fingers and others where I should be using a pick and I do fine. It took me a while before I was even willing to use a pick but it has really made a difference in my strumming and picking ability.

I am not sure if everyone has a problem holding a pick at the beginning but I had a real problem with the pick moving around between my thumb and forefinger at the beginning. Eventually I got it right but perhaps it was due to me only using my fingers for the first 4 years of playing.

Looking for some great guitar tips? Check out my blog with some great guitar tips. Also you can read the article learn guitar online its the easiest way.

Find The Guitar Books That Match Your Skill Level

learn to play guitarI am sure that if you were to show a picture of a guitar to people around the world you would be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t know it’s a guitar, they are that popular in our world today.

The instrument we know as a guitar today has had a long history going back to the 8th century and perhaps even further than that. It was about the 12th century that the guitar of today took it’s shape and has become so popular in the music we hear today, especially pop, rock and country. Today the guitar is an instrument most people can afford.

The guitar has an attraction that pulls people toward it but for most it seems just too tough to conquer and is why so many people have an old guitar stuck in a closet somewhere. I started that way and it was many years before I actually learned to play. My brother kept his guitar in the closet to the day he passed away and never learned to play it.

We both started to learn together back in the early 70s but just couldn’t get it without anyone to help us learn. We did try a few books but only became more frustrated. I eventually gave my guitar away and Bob just stuck his in a closet, like I said.

Start With The Right Guitar Books

We had limited access to guitar books back then and just didn’t get the right ones which led us to give up in frustration, so you can see that it’s vital to get the right guitar book for your level of understanding.

Today we have such a select of great guitar books that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. No need to get stressed. You are looking for a beginner’s guitar book. Leave the song books out of the picture until you have learned the basics of playing guitar.

It doesn’t matter what level you are at there is a guitar book for you which will meet your needs.

There are self starters and there are those that need to be taken by the hand and guided step by step, that latter was me. I really lacked confidence and couldn’t hold a note in a bucket so I was rather slow getting started.

For those who need or want to be led you should look at where you can signup for free lessons to get a feel for what they can do for you. I was very excited with them because they helped me take my guitar playing to the next level and to correct a few things I had been doing wrong.

I have a number of guitar books today and love taking them with me when I’m on the road for work or please and won’t have access to the Internet where I spend a lot of my free time learning new songs to play. One of the places I look for guitar books is the Clickbank Marketplace because they are digital products I can take them with me on my laptop.

There is not end to what you can learn to do with your guitar, guitar techniques, theory, and even compositions on your guitar so you can keep learning til the day you drop dead. There are so many guitar books available to help you get there too.

I use books to learn, I use Jamorama to learn more and I use Youtube to learn all kinds of guitar licks, riffs and songs.

What The Heck Are Guitar Tabs

questions about tabsPerhaps you are completely new to playing guitar and guitar tabs or tablatures, we all started there at one point, right. Guitar tabs can look scary to the new guitar playing, so don’t feel like you’re alone when you look at them and scratch your head.

Learning to play guitar tabs can seem complex and have confused a few of my friends when I showed them how I learned leads and riffs they would like to learn. It’s not as difficult as it looks and with a little understand it all becomes clear.

Okay, So Just What Are Guitar Tablatures?

Guitar tabs, also known as guitar tablatures, are a musical notation forms that tell the guitar player the finger positions for each note played. The tablature bar or music staff represents the neck of your guitar and shows finger positioning instead of the individual notes.

Once I learned and practiced guitar tabs they became really easy to follow. I think it’s a great way to display as one doesn’t need to know the notes.

It’s a form of writing music for the guitar that easy. You don’t even need a musical background to write tabs. You just need to represent your guitar neck and frets. From there you just place a dot on the tab staff where each note is played.

Even a beginner guitar player can learn to read tabs and even write tabs after just a few minutes. They just look difficult but are rather easy at the basic level.

A Note On Basic Beginner Guitar Tabs

The music staff for tablatures kind of looks like your guitar neck. If you were to lay the tabs along the neck of your guitar you can see it represents your six string guitar. Although I have seen some people use it backwards, perhaps left handed guitar players. It can be a bit confusing when that happens.

Here is an example of a tablature for Happy Birthday.

happy birthday tabs

This is the simplest example I could find as there are a lot of variations in how even Happy Birthday can be played. The bottom line on this tablature represents the lowest E string, next is the A, then D, next G, then B and finally the high E string.

In this example I found all the notes are played on the high E string.

What Do The Numbers Mean

So now you know what the lines represent but what do the numbers on each string represent?

This is easy as they represent the fret to hold a finger on while striking the string or strings. So the number zero means you hit the string without holding it down at all. Two is telling you to put a finger on the second fret and so on.

happy birthday tabs

The spacing between each note is the timing or beats, however not all tablature writers are concerned with noting the timing and more about what note is being hit.

Here is another example of Happy Birthday using different strings and has a little different ending.


So if you’ve been intimidated with guitar tabs, like my buddy Gary was, well stop fretting and start practicing. When I want to learn tabs I use Google to do a search and usually find or and happy playing.

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Jamorama Is A Great Place To Learn Guitar Online

Guest Post by: Work From Home Moncton

Jamorama free guitar lessonsWhile I was searching for how to play guitar programs online I saw Jamorama popping up in all the listings so of course I had to check out their web site, very impressed. However, being impressed with a site’s appearance and learning how to play guitar are two different things so I started reading Jamorama reviews, all I could find.

My next step was to check out some Jamorama reviews. I always look for multiple reviews as I really don’t care to find just one or two, plus reviews tend to be biased so reading many reviews I can usually find both positive and negative aspects of a program like Jamorama.

What Are My Likes And Dislike About Jamorama

60 Day Money Back Guarantee – Okay the first thing I liked is the satisfaction or money back offer that extends a full 60 days. Definite bonus in my books. Personally, when a program like Jamorama offers a 60 day guarantee it says something right away. If it sucked how long would they remain in business with everyone requesting refunds.

Affordable Guitar Lessons

I don’t mind spending money as long as I am getting my money’s worth. We live on a budget and if something doesn’t fit into our budget we don’t get it. Read on to find how I got 20% off my purchase.

Free Lesson & Newsletter

The option for free lessons is a great way to get a feel for the Jamorama program. I added my name and gave my email and choose the 10 beginner lessons. In 3 seconds I had an email to confirm my request for the free lesson and newsletter. A few seconds later I had the newsletter but better yet my first free lesson, one of ten.

Over the course of the following couple of weeks I followed along with the courses. This was pretty cool I was learning something and hadn’t even bought anything yet.

The first thing I learned is that I needed to learn some rhythm or should I say timing. What a difference that has made, over night.

BONUS: When I arrived at the Jamorama site using the link I received in my free lesson email there was a BONUS 20% OFF for signing up for the newsletter and free course. Now it appears even more affordable.

After my free lessons and the 20% off I couldn’t resist and made the Jamorama eBook purchase and now I’m impressing my friends but more than that I am impressing myself, never thought I would be able to say that at 58 years old.

Guitar Instructions Key To Attraction And Also Fortune

how to play guitar

All set to begin with  guitar lessons for beginners? Do you want to be the one to entertain at the up coming bash? Perhaps you only want to learn how to play a few simple guitar chords for your enjoyment. You might have bigger aspirations and even desires planned. Regardless of your purpose of selecting to learn to play the the guitar it’s going to be much simpler if you at the least think of taking one or two lessons.

If you can play the guitar, you are instantly end up being sought after by family and friends. Everyone will persuade you to display your ability and competence. Of course you have to oblige, however when you can barely pick out a C chord this restricts your entertainment options. Even with determination and rehearsal you’ll still have trouble racking your brains on exactly how other musicians are capable of play so flawlessly.

There are a few people who seem to have an innate gift for music and they could jam with nearly every instrument and begin playing with ease. However, for most people, understanding how to play the guitar adequately have to start with guitar lessons.

Guitar Lessons Give Dividends

A case could even be designed for every person to grasp the fundamentals of playing guitar. You will find a variety of good reasons why acquiring this kind of ability is a great thought. Why not consider the subsequent benefits to be able to assist you determine if guitar lessons might be the right choice in your case to make?

To start with, musical instruction usually take a very good impact on grades and mental attitude. Learning how to play chords and also basic melodies on a guitar gives a certain amount of self confidence. One other reason for trying to learn the guitar can be that you could always enliven yourself, or other people. Since a guitar is an extremely portable musical instrument, what better way to break the ice than by having a power of music and song?

Through guitar lessons, you’ll be on your way to simple steps towards turning into trained musician,and even increasing your appeal with friends and family. Visualize being able to step up and play for a large group upon request.

Effective Lessons Ensure Guitar Training Enjoyable

For many individuals, the idea of wanting to excel at any musical instrument just enough to experience anxiety. However there are several well-designed guitar lessons that takes an individual through each and every single phase. From grasping  how to play guitar to learning about finger placement on the guitar strings, you will learn exactly how simple it can be to jam with guitar lessons to discover the actual ability that may be waiting in your heart and soul.

Becoming a member of guitar lessons can be the one thing you need to uncover your true potential. The option to choose trainers and teaching methods ought to be relevant to your dreams, your capabilities and also your situation. You’ll find lessons for novices as well as instructional methods that are suitable for intermediate and advanced pupils.

Learning Drop ‘D’ Tuning or Open ‘D’ Tuning

drop-d-tuningOur Christmas jam was such a blast. I was invited to a guitar jam at my friend Jason’s place. He was having a few guitar friends over for a little jam and lots of food and booze. He had his place all decked out with Christmas ornaments everywhere.

Ho Ho Ho Jason and thanks for the invite.

I don’t think we could have crammed many more people in his entertainment room in his basement. So much fun.

It wasn’t long before people were making requests. Someone asked us if we could play Copperhead Road by Steve Earle. And immediately we all started to play it but Jason stopped us and said. “If we’re going to do it let’s try something new and tune to to Drop ‘D’ tuning.

I never get tired of Copperhead Road by Steve Earle.

I really like that song and have always played it in standard E tuning, which is how I play everything. Now I understand why I couldn’t play some songs while listening to the song playing.

Standard ‘E’ tuning looks like the following: 6-E, 5-A, 4-D, 3-G, 2-B, 1-E

Drop ‘D’ tuning looks like the following: 6-D, 5-A, 4-D, 3-G, 2-B, 1-E, with just the low E string being dropped to a D.

In just a couple of minutes we all had it set to go and started playing Copperhead Road and what a difference in the song. It sounded so much richer in Drop D tuning.

Jason say how impressed I was with that so later while we were taking a break he told me about Open D tuning and showed me that. I made sure I wrote this one down as it was more than one string being changed.

Open ‘D’ tuning looks like the following: 6-D, 5-A, 4-D, 3-F#, 2-A, 1-D

Now that was pretty cool and fun. He then played a bunch of great stuff using just one finger to barre the frets for such a cool sound.

Jason did his tuning in seconds, by ear and just made me jealous because I have to use a tuner to get the job done.

While I was writing this little post I checked Youtube to find a good video on Drop D tuning and found a lot of them so my suggestion is to head over to Youtube and search for ‘drop d tuning’ as well as open d tuning. Then find some some songs that are played in Drop ‘D’ tuning.

Songs I am learning in Drop ‘D’ tuning.

  1. Steve Earle’s Copperhead Road
  2. John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High

Well that was fun. I love Youtube as there are so many lessons available for free. If you prefer to get straight to learning without the Youtube videos they take a look at two great guitar lesson sites. Jamorama is the first in my books and then JamPlay comes in at a close second but which every you choose you will learn all this cools stuff.

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Learning Acoustic Guitar Songs

learn how to play acoustic guitarIt’s been about 10 years since I finally bought an acoustic guitar and began to learn how to play my new guitar. Well new to me that is. Nothing says one needs a brand new acoustic guitar to enjoy playing guitar.

I started by learning a few simple chords which only took a few minutes to learn. Immediately I was able to learn hundreds of songs that use those particular chords.

The first chords I learned were A, C, D, E, F. Here’s a image of what those chord shapes are as well as where you’re fingers are placed to make that chord.

basic acoustic guitar chords
These Chords Took Just Minutes To Learn

two more chordsI quickly learned that by adding just two extra chords, minor chords, that I had a whole new world of songs opened up to me.

I have learned a lot of chords since I started playing acoustic guitar but those first two minor chords I learned made a huge difference in the number of songs I was learning.

Looking For Great Online Guitar Lessons

jamorama-125x125jamplay guitar lessonsTwo of my favourite sites for learning how to play acoustic guitar are Jamorama and JamPlay.

Both sites have quality lessons that are worth checking out, whether you’re new to playing guitar or just want to become more advanced.

I take a long time if I try to learn a song on my acoustic guitar by just listening to a song. Sometimes I get a few chords but tend to get frustrated. I should add that the longer I play the better I get at recognizing chords and notes by ear.

Use Youtube To Learn Songs

finding songs on youtubeI have say that we are certainly blessed today as we have Youtube. Pretty much every song I like I can find on Youtube but even better most of the songs I can find someone playing it on an acoustic guitar.

When I am looking for songs to learn on Youtube I usually search the name of the song and then add something like the word lesson or cover. It works great most of the time and in seconds I am listening, watching and learning how to play acoustic guitar. What a great hobby.

Jamming Acoustic Guitar With Friends

I was so happy to finally be learning how to play guitar. Of course I couldn’t stop talking about it at work and soon found a few others that played guitar and before long we had a guitar jam planned.

That little guitar jam was awesome and turned into a weekly jam, sometimes two a week. One would be a practice so we could learn new songs and the other was to for jamming with what we’d learned.

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