The Gibson Hummingbird guitar has stunning sound projection. It has excellent acoustics and it is a very clear sounding guitar. Gibson have designed this guitar, like all guitars, with great consideration.

One of the key features of the Gibson Hummingbird is the brace. The brace gives wonderful sound projection through its excellent construction. It is so well constructed that it would usually only be found in limited runs. The bracing in this guitar, like all Gibson guitars, is hand scalloped. This focuses the sound of the instrument into its centre giving excellent sound projection. Each and every sound range is improved by this ‘X’ shaped brace.

The body of the Gibson hummingbird is beautifully and intelligently crafted to sound incredible and be easy to use. It is bound with 6 ply on the top and 4 ply on the back. For Gibson, two of the most important parts of the guitar building process is selecting the right wood and the right way to dry it out. The top of the guitar is made from Sitka spruce. The sides and back are made from mahogany. This is what gives this guitar its incredible sound. This build gives a well-balanced midrange, rich lows and a very clear treble range. The Gibson hummingbird has an easy to reach upper fingerboard thanks to the square shoulder dreadnought design.

One of the greatest testaments to the construction of this guitar is its acoustic pick up system. It is an L.R Baggs element ES. It’s very durable and fitted to the guitar very intelligently. It has a low profile under saddle element, which is more stable than standard ribbon pickups. To remain out of the way and unobtrusive, the volume control is mounted just inside of the sound hole. They have removed the need for internal components with the design and placement of this pick up system.

The fingerboard is built very strong and designed for quality sound. Just as many classic Gibson acoustics do, it has traditional binding over the fret ends. The processes and materials used to construct it are second to none. Rosewood, a very resilient wood, makes up the fingerboard. This wood lends itself to providing the chords with excellent clarity and is very stable. The parallelogram inlays are built from real mother of pearl. They are inserted to ensure that there is no need for fillers and no gaps.

This Gibson acoustic electric is a guitar that  been loved by many musicians and artists over the years. This guitar has become the icon of the Gibson range since its release in 1960. Its constant use by legends like Gram Parsons and Keith Richards, are a testament to this beautiful guitar. It was Gibson’s first square-shoulder dreadnought.

The Gisbon Hummingbird provides the musician with wonderful versatility. It is a guitar that can play almost any style. It sounds beautiful cranking out first-position chords and just as sweet flat-picking up the neck. Whatever you want to play, you can rely on this guitar every time.

The sound projection of the Gibson Hummingbird is simply put, very good. This is thanks to the design of this beautiful guitar. Gibson have very high manufacture standards and the Gibson Hummingbird is no exception.

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