There are clusters of guitar solo techniques and you should study each to be a guitar soloist. Example of technique is using the vibrato by making a sound of a strum longer by wiggling the string to be strummed. Hammer on and pull off are another techniques in learning the guitar solo. If you want to change the note by adding additional finger on the same string in one plucking, then you should use Hammer on.

But if you want to use two fingers on one string and produce another note by releasing one finger, then you should go with pull offs. Bending of one string to alter sounds is also a style in guitar solo. Before trying different techniques, you should have first build a good base. You should put up a tune first, followed by a root note which sounds closer to the next key you are going to hit. It would be better to hear if you will have a theme in playing your guitar solo.

To play like a rock star, you must learn to play guitar solo. Guitar solo can be played with other instruments or just the guitar itself. In playing the guitar solo, you must do your best for all eyes will be on you.

There are lots of guitar solo techniques nowadays. One is using the vibrato where you produce sound of a strum ring longer than usual. It gives a nice fading effect particularly for mellow songs. You can also use hammer on and pull off. Hammer on means changing a note by adding a finger on the same string in one plucking while pull off adds two fingers on the string and produces another note when one finger is release.

Another style that guitarist use is bending, which means literally bending the strings to adjust target note into a new sound. It is advised that you should first build a good base before trying these techniques. Putting up a tune and having root sound closer to the next note to hit should be done first. It would be an advantage if you would have a theme in playing guitar solo.

You should bear in your heart and in your mind everything in guitar solo. This will drive you to be more creative and passionate. It is not enough to learn the guitar by listening to your mentor. Your effort has a big percentage in doing so. Try everything in learning the guitar. After all, practice makes perfect.

In learning to play the guitar solo, you must be passionate and creative enough. Your effort will have a big impact on the process of your learning. Practice is the key in playing guitar solo. You should be creative and maximize everything that you have for you to achieve that title you want to be in playing guitar solo.

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