As a guitarist, you need to keep your guitar strings changed to sound the best you can. But which strings should you buy, and how do you know the best string deal? The options are daunting, and making a wise decision is difficult. You need good information to make the correct choice for your style and instrument. But where do you get started with so many options?

There are several options that affect your choice, including what kind of guitar you play, what style of music you play, whether you use standard or alternate tunings, and many others.

Not only that, but guitarists often have to choose between tone quality and longevity in their strings. You might spend more money on strings that sound great out of the box, but lose their tone quickly. Old strings are harder to tune, easier to break, and just don’t sound as good. These qualities may differ from brand to brand. A working guitarist might need to choose between absolute tone quality and durability. These facts are especially important when it comes to acoustic guitar strings, since you can’t hide a bad tone with your amplifier.

The more knowledge you have about string brands and models, the better you’ll be able to make a good choice. I’ve reviewed a number of different varieties of string and come up with my personal top 5 best string brands. I consider tone and feel to be the key factors, but durability also counts. A string that lasts longer and sounds ok may get a higher rank than one that sounds great but is shot after the first gig. These comparisons will possibly not hold with particular string types. For example, the #4 brand might make better acoustic strings compared to #2 if I were only comparing acoustic string models.

5. D’addario