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I let my son cut my hair. Do I look like a rock star now??

If you’re human it’s likely you have to learn things from the basic level first. We aren’t born with all the knowledge and skills we will need through life and that comes to learning to play guitar. Yes, some seem to be born with specific talents and seem like they’ve known since birth, but that’s rare.

I am one who has to struggle and work hard to learn pretty anything in life. Nothing seems to come easy but I have interest and desire which helps me through the learning curve. Learning to play acoustic guitar didn’t come easy at all.

I tried to learn from others many years ago, before the Internet, but was too shy and soon gave up. Well I quit really and didn’t bother with it again for more than 20 years. That’s when the Internet became available to me.

Learned How To Play Guitar Online

In those years of NOT learning guitar I did learn about computers and became a computer instructor. Long story short I met two students who played guitar and my interest was active again. Another student traded a guitar for a computer scanner. So I got a Yamaha acoustic guitar for about $40.

Between my two new guitar playing friends, one country, the other rock, along with the Internet and I learned how to play guitar. I found tons of great beginner stuff online and learned many songs from my past as well as new songs. It was so exciting.

It didn’t take me long, with all the resources, to catch up to their level of playing but I didn’t want to stop there and found a couple of paid guitar learning sites which have helped me to move from beginner to intermediate. I hope to continue and move into the advanced levels.

It takes me a little longer than most as I’m 59 and only started learning when I was 47.

The places I would recommend for learning how to play guitar, acoustic or electric are or

But for the beginner, if money is an issue like it was for me when I started, don’t miss up the learning opportunities on Youtube. I use Youtube almost daily to learn new things like cool licks, riffs and songs.

Using Youtube To Learn To Play Guitar

Money has been an issue for me for many years as I’m not an educated man and for that reason have had a lot of jobs that didn’t pay too well and kept us on a tight budget. So I feel for those who live pay check to pay check. or would be my first choice for learning to play guitar today as I learned a lot of bad habits from friends and free lessons online, however I still learned a lot and eventually learned about and broke the bad habits.

For me it’s a daily thing to go to Youtube and look up a song I want to learn that’s on the radio right now. When I am looking I always add acoustic guitar to the search term plus the word cover. So a search on Youtube might look something like:

something bout a truck cover acoustic guitar

The song is ‘something bout a truck’ I want someone who is playing it as cover tune and I like to add ‘acoustic guitar’ because then I can see their finger action. Just that simple and usually I find what I’m looking for. Then it just a matter of finding the person that does it the best.

Incoming search terms:

  • {searchTerms}giutar

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