august rush"August Rush" is a movie about a little boy who is a musical protégé being born to a vocalist/guitarist and an amazing cello player. One of the best parts of the film is how the boy uniquely discovered his gift as he played the guitar without the training in a different but fantastically. Just watching this boy play is so inspirational.

Watching the movie not only motivates a lot of people, it rouses people to create music by playing instruments like the guitar. For many, the question is:  how to learn guitar?

It is indeed fortunate that this is a generation when learning takes many easy ways. Just like anything else, there are many different easy ways to learn to play the guitar. Learning online is possible by finding the suitable websites; the YouTube is a great source or one can download a software. It is also fun learning the guitar from instructional videos using an easy to follow DVD. Learning the guitar the traditional way such as use of  guitar book, chord charts or by formally taking  lessons in music schools or by a private tutor.

How to learn guitar eventually depends on the schedule, costs and computer knowledge. Enrolling in classes or hiring a private teacher will be very expensive. Tutorials and attending classes entail fixing the schedules need to warrant common free time. For computer-educated kids and professionals, self-learning is a usual process. Beginner lessons for those who are interested to learn abound these days. One only needs to take their time and be patient in finding a good material.

With a strained budget, it will not be easy to formally seek music lessons from a school or tutorial so self-help techniques can be done. If the plan is to become a professional guitarist, one can start with self-learning and take formal lessons later when it can be financially supported. With self-tutorial, however, one cannot be corrected nor commented on by a mentor which is a challenge.

Learners these days can get away without spending when the interest is there on how to learn guitar. A guitar, a great deal of interest and time to practice are all it takes to learn. Anyone who has the inspiration and the motivation can be a good guitarist.

I unfortunately don’t have the talent he has in his little pinky but I was still determined to learn how to play guitar and is why I turned to places like and

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