Literally, all one needs to create music with an electric or acoustic guitar is the instrument itself and the able fingers of the guitarists, meaning you of course. One set of fingers is used to push down the strings while  the other is used to pluck, strum or pick the strings. Learn to play acoustic guitar starting today.

The ways by which these fingers hold down the strings can cause a variety of notes and tones that produces the music. Anyone who wants to create music, therefore, must learn guitar chords using those agile fingers.

Learning the guitar chords is a herculean task considering that there are over a hundred variety of chords; but mastering the few basic is enough to play simple compositions. There are two methods for a learner to memorize the notes: memorize the basic chords or learn how to interpret chord charts.

1. To be able to play an easy composition, there are around 16 basic guitar chords that can be used. Systematizing the recall process of the chords like the use of guitar music theory enhance the learning. To learn guitar chords here are some basic pointers:

  • The basic guitar chords are named using the letters from A to G.
  • An m after the letter means minor chord;  a symbol  7 means dominant chord;  and a letter without m or 7 means it is a major chord.
  • A, Am and A7; B7; C, Cm and C7; D, Dm and D7; E, Em and E7; F; G and G7 are the basic chords.

2. An illustration of chords that gives a visual diagram of the chords is called a guitar chord chart.

  • The lines from the bottom to the top represent the strings: Lines Low E, B, G, D, A and High E.
  • The guitar has frets from left to right referred as: the top line is the nut, the  second line is the second fret, the third line is the second fret and so forth.
  • The positions of the fingers between the frets where the strings are strained down are symbolized in the chord chart by black dots.
  • The chord name is a letter found on the top of each chord.

These are basic information that can help one interpret the chord charts necessary to start playing the guitar. To learn guitar chords, one must start with the basic and work towards the advanced one.

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