learn how to play acoustic guitarIt’s been about 10 years since I finally bought an acoustic guitar and began to learn how to play my new guitar. Well new to me that is. Nothing says one needs a brand new acoustic guitar to enjoy playing guitar.

I started by learning a few simple chords which only took a few minutes to learn. Immediately I was able to learn hundreds of songs that use those particular chords.

The first chords I learned were A, C, D, E, F. Here’s a image of what those chord shapes are as well as where you’re fingers are placed to make that chord.

basic acoustic guitar chords
These Chords Took Just Minutes To Learn

two more chordsI quickly learned that by adding just two extra chords, minor chords, that I had a whole new world of songs opened up to me.

I have learned a lot of chords since I started playing acoustic guitar but those first two minor chords I learned made a huge difference in the number of songs I was learning.

Looking For Great Online Guitar Lessons

jamorama-125x125jamplay guitar lessonsTwo of my favourite sites for learning how to play acoustic guitar are Jamorama and JamPlay.

Both sites have quality lessons that are worth checking out, whether you’re new to playing guitar or just want to become more advanced.

I take a long time if I try to learn a song on my acoustic guitar by just listening to a song. Sometimes I get a few chords but tend to get frustrated. I should add that the longer I play the better I get at recognizing chords and notes by ear.

Use Youtube To Learn Songs

finding songs on youtubeI have say that we are certainly blessed today as we have Youtube. Pretty much every song I like I can find on Youtube but even better most of the songs I can find someone playing it on an acoustic guitar.

When I am looking for songs to learn on Youtube I usually search the name of the song and then add something like the word lesson or cover. It works great most of the time and in seconds I am listening, watching and learning how to play acoustic guitar. What a great hobby.

Jamming Acoustic Guitar With Friends

I was so happy to finally be learning how to play guitar. Of course I couldn’t stop talking about it at work and soon found a few others that played guitar and before long we had a guitar jam planned.

That little guitar jam was awesome and turned into a weekly jam, sometimes two a week. One would be a practice so we could learn new songs and the other was to for jamming with what we’d learned.

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