acoustic electric guitarOne can learn many musical instruments, but when you learn to play acoustic guitar, it’s a completely different story. Something about the acoustic guitar makes it different from the rest. I believe it’s due, at least in part, to its versatility.

A Variety of Guitars

I’ve got a few friends who not only have an and another has a but by far it’s acoustic guitars that most start with. Unlike the solid electric guitar, the acoustic one has a hollow body and doesn’t make use of amplification to produce sound. Instead, it relies on natural sound produced by strings when its vibrations bounce around inside the guitar body’s hollow cavity.  So, there’s no need for an amplifier, well unless you own an .

Most people who are trying to learn how to play acoustic guitar often end up frustrated. That may be because they fail to pay heed to things that could help make the lessons easier. That’s not to say that acoustic guitar lessons are difficult. It’s far from it.

Start Simple And Hang In There

Today, with the Internet at your fingertips there’s no reason learning to play guitar should be difficult. There are just too many places online for you to learn to play a guitar that there really is no excuse other than you really don’t have your heart in it. My experience is that most who give up do so because their fingers begin to hurt. We all went through that so just hang in there for another week or two and they will toughen up and it will all be behind you.

My recommendation for two site where you can’t go wrong are Jamorama and Jamplay. Both are well worth the membership fee. Then you can add Youtube and learn just about any song by searching for it as a cover tune. I have learned so many songs there but it all starts with the two sites I mentioned first so that you can a good solid learning background.

The key to your success at learning to play guitar is to stay focused while practicing and to find songs that match the chords and stage you’re at right now and for me that’s where Youtube really shines.

As much as possible, you need to start with a song that has a simple chord progression. When I first learned I started with easy chords like C, G Am and D, which makes hundreds of songs available to learn.

I use Google to search for songs I like so I can find them with the chords included. That way I can download them to my computer and then follow along as I play the song on Youtube or from my collection of songs. But I do prefer Youtube over just having the song because so many people do covers for songs and use their acoustic guitars.

Keep Your Guitar Tuned Properly

The first thing you want to do before you ever start playing guitar is . This way you can be sure the guitar is tuned so that you are producing the right notes, otherwise something will not sound right. When a song doesn’t sound right it’s discouraging as well as frustrating because most people thing they are doing something wrong when it’s only the guitar not tuned correctly.

Example: Just yesterday the high temperatures and high humidity broke so the temp dropped and the humidity was gone. Almost immediately my acoustic guitar started to sound different. It had gone out of tune in just one hour and needed tuning.

Incoming search terms:

Why Choosing Electric Acoustic Guitar Is a Good Idea

acoustic electric guitarWhen you are deciding on which acoustic guitar to purchase you actually have a lot to choose from but you also have the option to go for a straight acoustic guitar or an .

I wasn’t aware of this when I purchased the two Yamaha guitars I’ve owned. Most of my guitar playing friends today have an electric acoustic and now I want one too.

What’s The Difference Between Them?

Well, with a traditional acoustic, you need to use a separate microphone or pickup to amplify the sound. On the other hand, with electric acoustic, pickups are already fitted in the body. These pickups are also referred to as piezoelectric pickups, which are the same as the under saddle pickups used in amplifying acoustic guitars. The pickups work by creating an electronic signal when you strum the steel strings of the guitar and these vibrate.

The thing is the electric acoustic guitars actually look pretty much the same as traditional ones. These are also made of wood and have six strings. Each guitar features a sound hole, just like normal acoustic guitars, which amplify the sound vibrations caused by the string.

However, with an you can plug it in an amplifier to produce sounds that resemble that coming from a traditional acoustic with the touch of an electric guitar. When you unplug it, it goes back to playing the same sound you can get from an acoustic guitar. In effect, it’s like getting two kinds of guitar in one instrument.

There are many electric acoustic guitars available in music stores and certain online stores. However I like to checkout eBay to find some great deals on used and new guitars. Here are a few samples you can checkout.

Be sure to checkout any reviews that are available online so that you have as much info as you need to make an educated choice and then get it and start jammin’.

I am no expert but through reading reviews and trying those owned by my friends I’d have to say some of the best brands of electric acoustic guitars are Gibson, Yamaha, Ibanez, and Squier.

You’re probably wondering why you should opt to invest on the best .

As I became better and better over time I started to realize my acoustic guitars didn’t give me everything I wanted in a guitar. Don’t get me wrong, they certainly served their purpose while I was learning but now it’s time to move up a little.

Indeed, there are many reasons why owning an is a good idea. I like the fact I can control the volume of playing so that it’s easier for those are our guitar jams to follow along.

Learn to Play Guitar With Seven Ways to Practice Efficiently

playing guitarFor a lot of years I have heard the practice makes perfect. Great so what if you’re learning bad habits on guitar which may be holding you back. Now you’d be practicing those bad habits until they were engrained on your brain which will most likely keep you from achieving the speed you desire.

I have friends who play guitar pretty well and for a long time they were way ahead of me. They learned to play many years ago but learned a few bad habits that have kept them at the level of playing they are at.

What happened, as far as I can tell, is that they learned from others who taught them the bad habits that had where I learned mostly from books and online because I was too shy to play in front of people for a long time.

Of course we have very fun guitar jams but their limitations keeps us from playing many many songs we all love.

Below are a few ways to practice effectively as well as efficiently so you can move to that next level:

Find A Good Plan And Follow It

I never had a plan for my life or anything in it, for about the first 30 years. Well actually the plan was to party hard. I tried to learn guitar way back in the 70s as I’ve mentioned in a few other posts but life got in the way.

If you want to be a quality guitar player you need commitment and a plan that will take you step by step through learning guitar.

Keep A Practice Schedule And Keep It

Now that you have a plan to learn to play guitar you need to practice the things you are learning. I practice every single day, unless I am not home, which isn’t often. I most likely practice guitar about 325 days a year.

I practice at least an hour a day and many days longer. It’s great having a work from home business. I am my own boss, other than my wife of course, and can stop what I’m doing if I get the urge to take a guitar practice break.

Learn And Practice Multiple Genres of Music

There are many styles of guitar playing in a variety of genres so don’t limit your playing and practicing to just the one you like the most. For me it’s country, rock, bluegrass and blues. It’s a great way to add some coolness to your guitar playing. I love it when I learn a new lick I can use at guitar jams.

Practice Where You Won’t Be Interrupted

I have a hard time concentrating on my guitar practice if others are around, so for me, again, it’s great I have a work from home office I can hide in to practice practice practice.

Before we bought our current home I didn’t have an office so I just used our bedroom. It’s just that in the bedroom we don’t have a computer so I would have to print out what I wanted to practice because I wasn’t hauling my computer up and down the stairs for practice.

Today I have a laptop that travels with me pretty much everywhere so I can have access to the Internet, Youtube, Jamorama and Jamplay. No matter where I am, as long as I can get a connection.

My Fingers Don’t Work So Well

I have arthritis so it can be tough getting started in the morning and without warning the arthritis can flare up and make it tough but with a few fingering exercises they loosen up so I can get on with my guitar practice or lessons.

I remember the early days when my fingers felt like they were going to bleed but I would suck it up and start practicing anyways. After a few minutes of tender fingers they started feeling better so don’t let sore fingers stop you from practicing.

Find yourself a group you can play guitar with and you will learn so much faster. I love going to jams where there are new players. I always seem to learn something new each time. Learning one new thing can take you to brand new levels of guitar.

I mentions Jamorama and Jamplay as two sites I belong to. They are worth the investment, so pick one and check it out today and get practicing.

The Yamaha APX500 Offers Incredible Quality And Sound

If you are looking for a guitar that offers the player great sound at a very good price, then the Yamaha APX500 may just be the best guitar for you. It is the perfect choice for novices and professional guitar players.

When it comes to guitar choices in the APX series, this guitar is by far the most affordable choice and is adorned with a beautiful spruce top and Nato sides and back. Equipped with a Piezo pickup affixed beneath the saddle and combined with both an integrated tuner and a 3-band EQ it provides a rich full sound.

The response and tone of this guitar is simply unparalleled. It is truly a wonderful choice for beginning and professional guitarists. The expression of this guitar is a freedom that will please any guitar player. The versatility is a necessary feature for any serious guitarist. It also provides a superb tone quality that will grab your attention from the start.

The stylish and thin profile of this incredible guitar fits comfortably into the arms of guitar players everywhere. The Yamaha APX500 features a sound-hole ring inlay made of mother of pearl created with black/white body binding and white fingerboard.

The headstock logos and position markers are also constructed of mother of pearl. This guitar has a distinctive look that truly stands out amongst others of its class and performance. Even the most discerning eye will be pleased with this attractive instrument. It comes in a beautiful array of 5 color choices that add a visual bonus to this stellar guitar.

The rich clear sound combined with high quality construction make this guitar an incredible value at an affordable and reasonable price. Yamaha has long been a name that promises getting the most for your money. Their rock solid reputation for providing an instrument that will continue to please and perform for years to come is irrefutable. Taking one into your hands will start a love affair that will never fade. Try one of these quality guitars today.

For more information on acoustic guitar prices, or if you’re also shopping for a Washburn D10S we invite you to go to our site for additional help.

A Quick Review Of The Yamaha APX500

This review of the Yamaha APX500 is designed to let you see if this really is the acoustic guitar for you. With there being so many out there on the market it is always wise to read up what others think before you go and part with any of your cash.

To begin with the price is very fair indeed as there are certainly many other makes on the market that are going to cost you a lot more if you want an electro acoustic guitar. Do not however think that because it is not as expensive as others that it will be missing something as that really is not the case at all.

You will be very surprised at the tone you get from this model as it really is perfect and it will also be very comfortable for you to hold as well as play. It should be able to suit various styles of music and can be used by experienced people as well as those looking to just switch to this form of guitar.

The frets and tuning plugs are nice and tight and you really can just lift it out of the box and start playing it. It may not be the fanciest guitar out there on the market but this is mainly due to them focusing on getting the basics right in order to get that perfect sound.

Its versatility is what makes it suitable for a range of people and it is fair to say that within this genre of guitars it really is one of the best out there. The only problem you may encounter is if you are continually playing low notes as due to the thinner body it could struggle at times.

Overall though it should be fair to say that the Ibanez Talman
The Ibanez Talman model TCY10E has some the the features higher end guitars possess. At first look it is a double cutaway hollow body, that doubles as an electric. Constructed with the musician in mind who yearns for electric like playability, and the sweet sound of acoustic guitars. Featuring a on board tuner, piezo pickups and two band equalizer all as standard equipment.

It also has a spruce top and a mahogany body. Unplugged this gives it a warm though somewhat soft tone. It is when it is plugged in that its tone really wakes up. Also possessing a mahogany neck and a rosewood fret board and bridge adds to it’s sustain and playability.

Surprisingly for an entry level it has advantage bridge pins as well as die cast tuners. The nut and saddle are made from ivorex. The string action comes from the factory set a little high. For those that want to lower it, simply shaving the saddle a little bit does the trick.

Rounding it out is the electronics package. This consists of an Ibanez AEQ200T preamp and 2 band equalizer. The piezo pickup lacks the raw power and depth of a humbucker, but makes up for it with a soft clear tone when plugged in. Unplugged its sound is typical of a smaller hollow body.

Because the body is a double cutaway it is playable from the sound hole to the nut. The strings have a tight but comfortable feeling. They also come from the factory with a glossy finish that makes you stand out even in dim lighting.

Overall it is a fine design for electric guitar players who are wanting a little acoustic action without changing their playing technique. It handles about like an electric and sounds like and acoustic. Having a bass and treble on the equalizer, and a solid volume control, with an Ibanez Talman the possibilities are endless.

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Ibanez Talman Guitars Are Still Available

The Ibanez Talman guitar was first made the iconic manufacturer in 1994. The series was discontinued in 1998, but high interest in the Ibanez Talman brought it back. Its maker, as a Japanese company begun in 1957, has been one of the few guitar makers outside of the United States and Europe to have a great impact in those areas.

This guitar series was originally made in both an acoustic and electric version. The current series has only electric versions, but there are many varieties of the guitars within the series. They do, however, all share some common properties.

The basic design has a double cutaway body, which you can get painted in a variety of colors. They generally have mahogany necks and rosewood fretboard and bridge. They also have the standard Ibanez chrome die-cast turners. They also use Ivorex II for the nut saddle. The Ivorex II has been found to be stronger than simple bone. A nut made with this material leads to clear highs and lows, making it a great guitar for amplification.

All the body styles in the modern series have set dimensions. The length of the guitar is eighteen inches. It has a width of fourteen inches, along with a depth of three and quarter inches. The body has been designed to combine both acoustic sounds with the upper fret access the hard rockers prefer.

These guitars also known for being lightweight, giving its users a high degree of mobility on stage. This guitar series was originally designed for indy rockers who needed a richness of sound, but also the ability to move around on stage.

The manufacturer still sells the Ibanez Talman directly to the public. However, you can also find different models at resellers and online. If you prefer the classic sensibility of the original series, than you might be able to find one for sale online as well.

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