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I love learning new guitar chords I can use in songs I love to play and learn. Sometimes I find chords that actually fit other songs which may just use a major chord when really they didn’t know that it wasn’t. I have a guitar playing buddy that does that all the time and it works for him.

An example might be when a C/E chord is played in a song and a C chords is used instead. It can still work but with that one extra note it can make such a difference in the quality of that chord. The C/E chord is a C chord with the low E string played as the bass note.

split chord
Split Chord C/E

Well I’m not meaning to sound like I’m complaining about Gary. He just always take the time to learn the actually chord. It’s so cool when I point out a chord that he has been using for years and give him the right finger positioning for the right chord. At first he’s offended I would imply he is not using the right chord but then he’s excited about it.

Now I’ve given him a link to a site that has so many chords and chord variations. All Gary has to do now is to find the chords and click get to get a visual of it’s positioning on the neck of a guitar. How much easier is that.

The site is All Guitar Chords and is so worth visiting. I spend so much time there just learning new chords and getting the feel for them. Quite often I hear something in the chord that makes me think of a song and then it’s off to learn it.

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