Ibanez Talman
The Ibanez Talman model TCY10E has some the the features higher end guitars possess. At first look it is a double cutaway hollow body, that doubles as an electric. Constructed with the musician in mind who yearns for electric like playability, and the sweet sound of acoustic guitars. Featuring a on board tuner, piezo pickups and two band equalizer all as standard equipment.

It also has a spruce top and a mahogany body. Unplugged this gives it a warm though somewhat soft tone. It is when it is plugged in that its tone really wakes up. Also possessing a mahogany neck and a rosewood fret board and bridge adds to it’s sustain and playability.

Surprisingly for an entry level it has advantage bridge pins as well as die cast tuners. The nut and saddle are made from ivorex. The string action comes from the factory set a little high. For those that want to lower it, simply shaving the saddle a little bit does the trick.

Rounding it out is the electronics package. This consists of an Ibanez AEQ200T preamp and 2 band equalizer. The piezo pickup lacks the raw power and depth of a humbucker, but makes up for it with a soft clear tone when plugged in. Unplugged its sound is typical of a smaller hollow body.

Because the body is a double cutaway it is playable from the sound hole to the nut. The strings have a tight but comfortable feeling. They also come from the factory with a glossy finish that makes you stand out even in dim lighting.

Overall it is a fine design for electric guitar players who are wanting a little acoustic action without changing their playing technique. It handles about like an electric and sounds like and acoustic. Having a bass and treble on the equalizer, and a solid volume control, with an Ibanez Talman the possibilities are endless.

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The Ibanez Talman guitar was first made the iconic manufacturer in 1994. The series was discontinued in 1998, but high interest in the Ibanez Talman brought it back. Its maker, as a Japanese company begun in 1957, has been one of the few guitar makers outside of the United States and Europe to have a great impact in those areas.

This guitar series was originally made in both an acoustic and electric version. The current series has only electric versions, but there are many varieties of the guitars within the series. They do, however, all share some common properties.

The basic design has a double cutaway body, which you can get painted in a variety of colors. They generally have mahogany necks and rosewood fretboard and bridge. They also have the standard Ibanez chrome die-cast turners. They also use Ivorex II for the nut saddle. The Ivorex II has been found to be stronger than simple bone. A nut made with this material leads to clear highs and lows, making it a great guitar for amplification.

All the body styles in the modern series have set dimensions. The length of the guitar is eighteen inches. It has a width of fourteen inches, along with a depth of three and quarter inches. The body has been designed to combine both acoustic sounds with the upper fret access the hard rockers prefer.

These guitars also known for being lightweight, giving its users a high degree of mobility on stage. This guitar series was originally designed for indy rockers who needed a richness of sound, but also the ability to move around on stage.

The manufacturer still sells the Ibanez Talman directly to the public. However, you can also find different models at resellers and online. If you prefer the classic sensibility of the original series, than you might be able to find one for sale online as well.

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