drop-d-tuningOur Christmas jam was such a blast. I was invited to a guitar jam at my friend Jason’s place. He was having a few guitar friends over for a little jam and lots of food and booze. He had his place all decked out with Christmas ornaments everywhere.

Ho Ho Ho Jason and thanks for the invite.

I don’t think we could have crammed many more people in his entertainment room in his basement. So much fun.

It wasn’t long before people were making requests. Someone asked us if we could play Copperhead Road by Steve Earle. And immediately we all started to play it but Jason stopped us and said. “If we’re going to do it let’s try something new and tune to to Drop ‘D’ tuning.

I never get tired of Copperhead Road by Steve Earle.

I really like that song and have always played it in standard E tuning, which is how I play everything. Now I understand why I couldn’t play some songs while listening to the song playing.

Standard ‘E’ tuning looks like the following: 6-E, 5-A, 4-D, 3-G, 2-B, 1-E

Drop ‘D’ tuning looks like the following: 6-D, 5-A, 4-D, 3-G, 2-B, 1-E, with just the low E string being dropped to a D.

In just a couple of minutes we all had it set to go and started playing Copperhead Road and what a difference in the song. It sounded so much richer in Drop D tuning.

Jason say how impressed I was with that so later while we were taking a break he told me about Open D tuning and showed me that. I made sure I wrote this one down as it was more than one string being changed.

Open ‘D’ tuning looks like the following: 6-D, 5-A, 4-D, 3-F#, 2-A, 1-D

Now that was pretty cool and fun. He then played a bunch of great stuff using just one finger to barre the frets for such a cool sound.

Jason did his tuning in seconds, by ear and just made me jealous because I have to use a tuner to get the job done.

While I was writing this little post I checked Youtube to find a good video on Drop D tuning and found a lot of them so my suggestion is to head over to Youtube and search for ‘drop d tuning’ as well as open d tuning. Then find some some songs that are played in Drop ‘D’ tuning.

Songs I am learning in Drop ‘D’ tuning.

  1. Steve Earle’s Copperhead Road
  2. John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High

Well that was fun. I love Youtube as there are so many lessons available for free. If you prefer to get straight to learning without the Youtube videos they take a look at two great guitar lesson sites. Jamorama is the first in my books and then JamPlay comes in at a close second but which every you choose you will learn all this cools stuff.

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