jamorama-free-guitar-lessons-125x125I like Jamorama for beginner guitar lessons as one can start with the complete basics of learning how to play guitar and get it right the first time. I practice scales daily as well as finger positioning for guitar chords.

If you want to learn to play guitar and are looking for beginner guitar lessons online I would suggest Jamorama over hiring a private tutor to teach your guitar. Really you are only getting one person’s perspective.

People taking online guitar lessons has been increasing in popularity year after year. I so love having the Internet to learn how to play my guitar better as I didn’t do so well hiring a guitar instructor to come to m y home.

With Jamorama I am able to download lessons directly to my computer and laptop meaning I can take my lessons with me, even to our guitar jams where I can help my friends learn to play guitar better.

The money I was spending on guitar lessons by having someone come right to my home cost me as much a lifetime membership at Jamorama.com. I was happy to find online guitar lessons as I didn’t really like the guy who was making me feel small in my own home.

I do love Jamorama but I have to say I love Youtube as well. I am learning basics I never learned and advanced techniques but I still enjoy Youtube for finding songs I like, both new and old.

I usually use a search phrase in Youtube that includes the song name and the phrase ‘acoustic guitar’. The search results usually have a few people playing cover tunes on acoustic guitar and I get to learn a new song to take to our guitar jams.

I started with Jamorama.com with 10 free guitar lessons. It gave me a feel for what I would get if I was to join them. I recommend that you take the free guitar training lessons yourself so you feel comfortable joining.

I never had a guitar tutor locally who offered a free lesson, let alone 10 free lessons. Plus guitar lessons are only as successful as the people giving them. My experience having someone come to my house to teach me how to play guitar was less than enjoyable.

I had to reschedule a class with my personal guitar tutor and I could tell he was annoyed as I messed up his schedule. I don’t like to be made to feel stupid or an annoyance. He didn’t last long before I chose Jamorama over him plus Jamorama so much more affordable and has a money back guarantee, wish that tutor did.