playing guitarI have certainly found learning to play guitar to be a lot of fun and very rewarding but I have to admit it can also be quite frustrating at times.

It took me a while but I learned a number of songs I really like which give me something to practice when I hit those frustrating points in learning how to play guitar faster and better. This allows me to decrease my stress level before returning to the lessons I’m on.

I heard about learning scales, pentatonic scales, which meant nothing at all to me at the time. But my Jamorama guitar lessons have helped me learn some and I have noticed my speed and accuracy are improving greatly.

Just in the last month I’ve noticed I am floating over the fret board instead of pressing each note with a death grip. This has allowed me to speed up my guitar playing for a much richer sound. It’s changed how I play and has made it even more exciting.

Let’s look at a couple of Youtube videos that show you how to play pentatonic scales on your guitar. I choose acoustic guitar lessons because they don’t go quite as wild as they tend to do on the electric guitar lessons.

Guitar Lesson – Pentatonic Scale Pattern One

This is the first scale I learned and probably practice it at least once every day

Excellent exercise you can do at any point along your fret board.

Guitar Lesson – Pentatonic Scale – Blues

I love the sound of blues although I mostly play country or rock so I have been learning I have been practicing the blues pentatonic scale from Marty Schwartz. He tends to talk a lot but then again I love to talk a lot about the things I love as well. Here’s a video showing you the blues pentatonic scale.

Practice, practice, practice and enjoy.

The One Scale You Must Master On The Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Scales

When it comes to learning lead guitar there are a few things you absolutely can’t live without. The Pentatonic Scale is certainly among those things. Most likely the most used scale on the guitar by far. Actually pros and guitar gods alike have used this scale for many years to play many of the amazing solos we all love.

The pentatonic scale is perfect for a handful of good reasons and also it sounds superb. You can essentially play any style using that scale from Blues to Rock to Funk to Jazz and everything in between. To a great extent this scale is definitely the most effective scale you may ever learn. It is relatively simple and easy to use and will keep you happy for several years to come.

Off course people want to learn other things like arpeggios and other scales but using the pentatonic as a basic foundation will serve anyone quite well. Also don’t neglect to learn which notes you can bend for the fact this will add a totally new realm to the scale.

The pentatonic scale can be quite easy to play given that the notes are organized into shapes that fit effortlessly under the fingers. Make sure you become familiar with all of the patterns so you’re able to move freely between them. But also be cautious about falling into the trap of attempting to learn all of them before you discover how to apply a minimum of one or two patterns.

Another great consideration about the Minor Pentatonic scale is that it is especially difficult to play an incorrect note. Once you learn to really use it’s power well you can make every note sound good. So , who does not want that? Just be sure that you understand which notes you can bend from and into. This is something players have a tendency to disregard. Fully grasp this right and you will be rocking before you know it.

An excellent thing about this scale is it has a real wide and open sound to it. Because it only has five notes it sounds a great deal more open as opposed to counterpart 7 note scales, which has a far more dense sound. You should also learn the classic lines whether itís a rock lick or a blues lick, make sure you get the basic vocabulary down and then go and experiment and have fun. Find out more about learning lead guitar visit the site. If you’re italian then check out this site corso di chitarra