jamorama-125x125If you are a beginner guitar player, time holds a special importance for you, like it has for me. Most novice guitarists can’t wait to play songs and I’m sure you’re busting to get started. It is common for many rookie guitarists to be impatient and want to learn guitar songs as soon as possible. Nothing compares to the feeling of achieving a goal, and in this case, playing the very first guitar song.

Learning a few basic chords is a pre-requisite to effectively learning to play that first song you want to learn. Once you have practiced your newly learned chords playing that song will be so much easier as well as fun.

Choosing the song for you to learn first is kind of an important step. If you pick a song that’s too tough may well cause some frustration which has caused a lot of those trying to learn how to play guitar to quit before ever really giving it a try.

You may love the song but trust me when I say some songs are not really intended for rookies and may have some very complicated chords and is what causes the frustration. Pick an easier song and one day you’ll play that more complicated one. Starting with an easier song will give you confidence and encourage you to learn those tougher chords.

Practice Makes Perfect