acoustic electric guitarWhen you are deciding on which acoustic guitar to purchase you actually have a lot to choose from but you also have the option to go for a straight acoustic guitar or an .

I wasn’t aware of this when I purchased the two Yamaha guitars I’ve owned. Most of my guitar playing friends today have an electric acoustic and now I want one too.

What’s The Difference Between Them?

Well, with a traditional acoustic, you need to use a separate microphone or pickup to amplify the sound. On the other hand, with electric acoustic, pickups are already fitted in the body. These pickups are also referred to as piezoelectric pickups, which are the same as the under saddle pickups used in amplifying acoustic guitars. The pickups work by creating an electronic signal when you strum the steel strings of the guitar and these vibrate.

The thing is the electric acoustic guitars actually look pretty much the same as traditional ones. These are also made of wood and have six strings. Each guitar features a sound hole, just like normal acoustic guitars, which amplify the sound vibrations caused by the string.

However, with an you can plug it in an amplifier to produce sounds that resemble that coming from a traditional acoustic with the touch of an electric guitar. When you unplug it, it goes back to playing the same sound you can get from an acoustic guitar. In effect, it’s like getting two kinds of guitar in one instrument.

There are many electric acoustic guitars available in music stores and certain online stores. However I like to checkout eBay to find some great deals on used and new guitars. Here are a few samples you can checkout.

Be sure to checkout any reviews that are available online so that you have as much info as you need to make an educated choice and then get it and start jammin’.

I am no expert but through reading reviews and trying those owned by my friends I’d have to say some of the best brands of electric acoustic guitars are Gibson, Yamaha, Ibanez, and Squier.

You’re probably wondering why you should opt to invest on the best .

As I became better and better over time I started to realize my acoustic guitars didn’t give me everything I wanted in a guitar. Don’t get me wrong, they certainly served their purpose while I was learning but now it’s time to move up a little.

Indeed, there are many reasons why owning an is a good idea. I like the fact I can control the volume of playing so that it’s easier for those are our guitar jams to follow along.

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